Southern Partners and Fair Trade Corporation

Thursday, November 10, 2005

One of our Native Delicacy here in Cebu, Philippines

Dried Mango with Kalamansi

Processed from mature fresh mangoes of farmers, Processed with Philippine Lemon (Kalamansi) extract, the natural source of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) acting as Anti-Oxidant, with NO chemical additive added for flavor and color enhancement, for anti-oxidation, and for preservation.
Dehydration method uses osmotic process (using refined cane sugar) as initial dehydration, and main and final dehydration with the use of heat pump dryer/dehydrator.

Appearance ranges from bright to deep golden yellow, residual moisture content limit is 15 % , Total Soluble Solids (TSS) contents range is 18-20 deg. Brix.
Effective Shelf Life is 12 months from date of process.
Ingredients : Fresh mango meat, Refined Cane Sugar, Philippine Lemon (Kalamansi), Vitamin C.

Available Options: per box: @10 kgs (+$150.00) per pck
@100 gms (+$1.50) per pck

Net wt.
Unit price/pack
Dried Mango
Tru-food Dried Mango w/ kalamansi


Premium Mango Puree

Processed from freshly extracted mango fruit pulp, blended with Kalamansi fruit extract into smooth viscous puree, NO chemical additive added for enhancements and preservation.
Appearance : Bright golden yellow Total Soluble Solids (TSS) : 32-34 deg. Brix pH : 4.8
Effective Shelf Life : 12-18 months from date of process
Ingredients : Fresh mango pulp extracts, Refined cane sugar, Philippine Lemon Fruit Pulp Extracts, Vitamin C.

Available Options:
per bottle: @1 ltr (+$2.48)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Products...

Virgin Coconut Oil[TRU-VCO]

Processed from organically-certified grown coconuts of the Visayas and Mindanao; Dry-processed using a homegrown dehydrolating technology to ensure a very low moisture content, heated at very low temperature to ensure rich retention of its most potent component - Monolaurin , a medium-chain fatty acid that is widely accepted to contain anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties.

Appearance : Water Clear Lauric Acid Content : 51-52 % Moisture Content : 0.01 %
Effective Shelf Life : three years

History of SPFTC...

In 1996, came as the year of birth of Fair Trade in Central Visayas amidst a Challenging economic and political landscape in the Philippines.

Southern Partners and Fair Trade Corporation (SPFTC) was established by people’s organizations among small producers, farmers, and fisher folks along with Non-government Institutions who render services to peoples’ organizations.

Aimed to be trading facility partner Peoples’ Organizations and Non-Government Organizations in the Central Visayas region as it development mandate, concretely, making its way to serve as the dynamic and direct link between the producers and the consumers by giving due and just value to the producers’ products, providing and opening up additional options and alternative venue for marketing of the product, engaging in post harvest processing, and delivering these products to the end users at a just/fair price.

With these challenges, SPFTC aims to concretize its distribution in directly engaging the post-harvest processing of farm and marine produce, trading, sustainable agriculture interventions and advocacy – marketing. These are its envisioned contribution in alleviating the long felt problems of poverty rooted from the centuries old land problem and social Inequity at the agrarian and trading set-up.