Southern Partners and Fair Trade Corporation

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

History of SPFTC...

In 1996, came as the year of birth of Fair Trade in Central Visayas amidst a Challenging economic and political landscape in the Philippines.

Southern Partners and Fair Trade Corporation (SPFTC) was established by people’s organizations among small producers, farmers, and fisher folks along with Non-government Institutions who render services to peoples’ organizations.

Aimed to be trading facility partner Peoples’ Organizations and Non-Government Organizations in the Central Visayas region as it development mandate, concretely, making its way to serve as the dynamic and direct link between the producers and the consumers by giving due and just value to the producers’ products, providing and opening up additional options and alternative venue for marketing of the product, engaging in post harvest processing, and delivering these products to the end users at a just/fair price.

With these challenges, SPFTC aims to concretize its distribution in directly engaging the post-harvest processing of farm and marine produce, trading, sustainable agriculture interventions and advocacy – marketing. These are its envisioned contribution in alleviating the long felt problems of poverty rooted from the centuries old land problem and social Inequity at the agrarian and trading set-up.


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